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MR. WANG - was released for one year in 1996 as an annual members only piece for the International Bossons Collectors Society (IBCS). It is actually the 2nd edition of Mr. Wang and the original sculpture was completed by Fred Wright in 1962 but was never placed into production. The original edition, as completed by Fred Wright, is here pictured to the right of the IBCS edition (note the elegant yellow collar and hat). Fred Wright was Resident Sculptor and Art Director at Bossons, 1957-72. When it was released to members, the IBCS edition sold for $85 and still commands a price of $300-500 U.S. new condition in original box. There is one or two known examples of Mr. Wang as originally released from Bossons with open back, exterior hanger, and slightly different colorings. Take a look at Kevin Phiipps  site of an excellent list of Bossons at and you will see this rare example of Mr. Wang.


Mr. Wang (IBCS)

Mr. Wang

Mikado & Geisha


MIKADO & GEISHA - The 14" tall Wall Hanging Ornaments were carved originally in 1963 by Fred Wright. These wall ornaments exemplify the fact that Bossons also made plaster art other than the well known "Character Wall Masks"  called "heads". They are elegant, yet mysterious, strikingly detailed and further examples of the exceptional artistry found in Bossons Artware. They are considered rare and were marketed by Bossons for two years. Today, a Mikado or Geisha in mint condition are each in U.S. dollars from  $300-500 each.



With small body, and very large ears Fennec Fox is one of the many fabulous wildlife creations from Bossons, produced as part of the Fraser-Art limited editions. Only known are three or four of these little characters modeled by Mrs. Alice Brindley in 1983. A Fennec Fox sold at auction, IBCS 2000 Meeting, Tampa FL. for $2100 and is extremely rare. Also Fennec Fox, one of my absolute favorite Fraser-Art Bossons auctioned on eBay for near $2,000 U.S.. You can find both good, and NOT GOOD, i.e. Fake fruadulent Bossons on eBay.


One of the most elegant composite studies, Espana is the only male and female study from Bossons. It was modeled by Fred Wright in 1959, and very few were made. The first discovery was made in 1988. Espana is usually found in deplorable condition especially on the Internet. 

A beautiful specimen of Espana which Don restored and sold to a collector in 1998, re-sold later in the same year on Ebay for a winning bid U.S.  $6500. In today's econoomy it is more realistic to see Espana for around $2500-3000 U.S. dollars.

In poor condition, Espana can be purchased for much less. However, based on my cost in today's economy, I was recently able to sell an original  condition Espana for $2500 at the 2014 IBCS Orlando meeting.


Another composite study in plaster art, released is 1990, is Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and Chief Sitting Bull, modeled by Alice Brindley. It is a limited edition of 9500 pieces and each example is numbered. Current retail price for this Bossons, new in original box with certificate, is $185-225.